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And so it begins…

29 Jul

I have decided to start a food blog.

I figured that was a better beginning than “hello world.”  But probably not by much.  How else do you begin though? Once upon a time just didn’t seem right…

Anyway, I have decided to start a food blog.  Here is a picture of pie.

When informed of this development, a close friend of mine asked what my niche was going to be; why this blog is special.  The short answer is: it’s not. The longer answer is that I don’t rightly know, at least not yet.  It may be that as time progresses I will find myself focusing my writing upon reviews of restaurants serving elaborate fusion meals whose main ingredient is purloined backyard chickens.  Or perhaps instead it will be made up of recipes for cocktails made of root vegetable juices and bathtub gin. The only way to find that out though is to start writing and see where fate leads.  Let’s call it the Calvinist approach to food-blogging.

For this first post, I don’t have a restaurant review or recipe to entertain you with.  Instead, here are a few things that influenced my love of food—or are food-related and I just happen to love.

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