Amuse Bouche — The Coop (Inside of The Hey Hey)

20 Feb

There are some occasions where I’ll go to a restaurant, or make something at home, and while I’ll want to share some aspects of the experience, I don’t feel that an entire post is warranted.  Interested in delivering more content—in a more timely manner—I’ve decided to create a new category of post for this blog.  These posts will be light on written content (there will be some still!) and heavier on things like photos.

I toyed around with what to call them.  The first couple of titles that came to mind, quick bites, short orders, were already in use.  And so I’ve settled on “amuse bouche.”  Literally translated as amuse the mouth, an amuse bouche is the small single bite appetizer that is occasionally served at some restaurants.  Usually every diner on any given evening will get the same thing.  Which is: whatever the chef feels like making.  It seems like a fitting title for this new series.

The first in the series features a well-respected Columbus food truck, The Coop, in a new and unexpected location, the kitchen of Shumaker Place neighborhood bar, The Hey Hey.

The menu at The Hey Hey had previously limited to (admittedly beloved) sauerkraut balls.  But for the at least the remainder of the winter, The Coop will be making more extensive use of the kitchen.  For the foreseeable future you can partake of their offerings Thursday – Saturday from 4 p.m. until 11 p.m..

Not only are the new food offerings from The Coop great, but every time I’ve been there, I’ve received fantastic service from the folks at The Hey Hey.  This is definitely an open and welcoming neighborhood bar.  To top it off, the bottled beer selection isn’t half bad.  And because it’s in an upright cooler, you can see what’s there.  🙂

So here’s a brief run down of the things we’ve had:

German pretzel and cheese appetizer



Yak Burger with Egg, Bacon came with a side of really delicious sweet potatoes. (Watch out, the yolk is runny!)

IMG_0174 IMG_0170


Turducken Tacos (featuring a combination of pulled, duck, turkey, and chicken)

IMG_0176 IMG_0179


And of course, still on the menu, The Hey Hey’s famous sauerkraut balls!



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